Clam Shell blister

Clamshell blister can best show the advantages of your product. Blister edge can sealed with high frequency welding machine, which is safe and beautiful. Blister also can make buckle blister, manual sealing, no need to seal with packaging machines, quick and easy to use.

Folder Edges Blister

Folded Edges Blister with paper card is convenient packaging, no need to pack with any machine, easy to use. No folded blister cover can hot pressed with paper card to make it full sealed.

Blister Tray

The blister tray is suitable for storing food, and there are anti-static materials or conductive materials for electronic parts products.

Vacuum Flocked Tray

It can best show the noble characteristics of the product, and match it with different colors to meet the needs of different products.

Transparent Box

Transparent box can produce with screen printing, hot stamping, soft folding line and frosted effect; make your products more beautiful and tasteful.


Tubes can produce with silk screening, frosted effect and hot stamping to make the goods more beautiful

Paper Box set

Try to provide customers with one-stop product packaging materials to make it more convenient for customers.

Blister For Food

Blister can produce suitable for cakes, puddings, snacks, bread and other food, convenient and beautiful

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